• Sustainability benefits of Boxed Wine versus bottles

    Choosing boxed wine over glass bottles offers several sustainability benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, lower packaging waste, extended shelf life, space efficiency, and cost-effective recycling.

  • Let's change how we drink wine

    The design of glass wine bottles has barely changed in 200 years. But the amount of bottles and how we ship them around the world really has - and it has become unsustainable.

    We believe that drinking great wine is a joy we all deserve. Boxed wine is the smartest alternative, and improvements in the materials used to create the bags means great quality wines will stay tasting great. (Laylo wording to change if we want )

  • Box wine uses less energy

    Making glass requires temperatures of over 1500°C, which is one of the reasons that the carbon footprint of wine stored in bottles is a whopping 9x higher than for the same wine stored in boxes. If you enjoy a bottle a week, you could save 20kg of CO2 emissions over the course of a year by switching to boxes. That’s the same as leaving a 42" HD TV on non-stop for a month! (Laylo content to amend)