Is box wine the same as wine in a bottle?

Yes 100%. The wine in your muse box could just as easily have been bottled. But we love the lifestyle and sustainability benefits, so our wine is best out of a box instead.

How much wine is there in a muse box?

Our boxes hold 2 litres of wine, which is the equivalent of 2.67 standard sized bottles of wine.

How long does box wine stay fresh before it's opened?

Box wine is intended to be consumed within a year of purchase. Our wine is not intended to lay down in a cellar to age.

How long does the muse wine stay fresh after opened?

Once you open the muse wine it will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks. This means you can enjoy a glass or 2 in the evening without having to worry about finishing a bottle or, worse still, pouring wine away that's gone off after two days!

Is box wine usually associated with cheap wine?

The bags used in box wine were lined with aluminium, which meant they were susceptible to small cracks, which caused the wine to oxidise quickly. Resulting in winemakers being reluctant to put their wine into box and there was a stigma surrounding these cask wines. These days, technology has improved with complex polymers being utilised. It's now perfectly acceptable to put premium wines into box without having concerns around quality.

Is my muse box recyclable?

Yes. All the elements of your box are recyclable. The outer cardboard box is fully recyclable throughout New Zealand in your normal recycling bins. The bag is easily recycled as part of the soft plastics recycling scheme and can be dropped off at all major supermarkets.