• Lighter carbon footprint

    Box wine has a light carbon footprint in its packaging. Fewer carbon emissions are produced in cardboard and plastic bag production than bottles. Our plastic bag is recyclable in the soft plastics bin at your local supermarket. Our box holds 2 litres which is equivalent to 2.67 bottles.

  • Less waste and fresher for longer

    Box wine packaging has come a long way with advancements in the manufacturing of plastic. The bag does not affect the taste of the wine and stays fresh for up to 4 weeks after opening. No more wasted wine down the sink!

  • Box wine can use less energy

    Making glass needs temperatures of over 1500°C, which is a reason the carbon footprint of wine stored in bottles can be up to 9x higher than wine in a box. If you enjoy a bottle a week, you could save 20kg of CO2 emissions over the course of a year by switching to a box.

Our box wine is 100% recyclable.

The Muse box wine is paving the way for a greener tomorrow - proving more sustainable than traditional glass wine bottles. Enjoy each sip, knowing you're choosing a planet-friendly option.

Remember to recycle both the box and bag: the cardboard box goes in your council kerbside recycling bins and the recyclable bag can be taken to your nearest soft plastics recycling centre.